Hydrogen - Fuel cell :

Osmosys, micro-CHP for individual houses program

IRMA starts a new collaborative program "Osmosys" on micro-CHP for individual houses operating with natural gas.

The concept is based on natural gas steam reforming to produce a hydrogen-rich reformate. The reformer, with various catalytic...

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IRMA is a Technical Center located in the Lorient district in Southern Brittany. It develops, under contract and in collaboration with companies, innovating technologies in two fields :


Technologies development based on catalysis (or adsorption) to reduce emissions of pollutants in the atmosphere : NOX, N2O, COV, NH3, CO…


Hydrogen production from hydrocarbon sources associated to fuel cell development.

IRMA - Parc technologique de Soye - 9 rue de Galilée - BP 64 - 56274 Ploemeur - Tel: 02 97 83 55 55
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