Treatment and valorization of waste

Thermolysis: Pilot unit (IFP)

Indirect electric heating rotating furnace :

Main characteristics :

  • ø : 200 mm
  • L : 2 m
Alimentation (screw) :
  • olid outlet tight receipts
  • Incinerator for thermolysis gas
  • Utilisation :
    • Organic waste treatment
    • Energetic valorization
    • Mass and energy balance

Four tournant pilote à chauffage électrique indirect
Indirect electric heating rotating furnace

Transferred process – Issued from R&D

Pig manure treatment (IFP licence)

- Deodorization
- Ammoniacal nitrogen abatment by NH3 stripping associated with selective catalytic oxidation NH3 to N2.
Unité 2T/h – procédé SMELOX

Mobile unit (4 T/h)
SMELOX process (IFP license)

Plastics bottles automatic sorting (Infrared identification)

Procédé DIBOP développé et commercialisé par Sydel

Process DIBOP developed and commercialized by Sydel

Pilot units : engineering and realization

Unité de stripping couplée à une oxydation catalytique

Pilot unit for stripping (ex : NH3) associated with catalytic oxidation

Unité polyvalente pour le traitement des eaux

Water treatment : pilot unit (50 to 100 l/h) with pump, reactor, and regulation

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