Positioning our eco-system

IRMA comes after the players from fundamental and applied research:

  • 3rd entity to support projects and innovative companies in the Lorient area
  • Cross-disciplinary sector focusing on composite materials and their use in a wide range of economic sectors (aeronautics, boating, automotive, etc.)

Types of collaboration :

  • R&D and service delivery
  • Collaborative research contracts
  • Equipment provision
  • Assistance in putting together your innovative projects

IRMA awarded Carnot label

Carnot MICA

Carnot MICA is a public research organisation comprising 9 research laboratories and 9 technical centres. It supports companies in the development of their R&D projects. As an expert in functional materials, surfaces and interfaces and associated processes, MICA is involved across the entire value chain, from fundamental research to industrial application. The support offered by Carnot MICA to manufacturers is tailored to each project.

MICA’s range of skills :

  • Materials, surfaces, interfaces and related processes
  • Multi-scale characterisation
  • Durability & performance
  • Technology transfer

Collaborate with IRMA,

It means having access to the unique synergy of 18 research structures of excellence in the field of innovative materials and their 650 researchers and engineers, all recognised specialists in their field of expertise, via a single contact !

Find out how Carnot MICA can help you with your innovation projects:

IRMA has also received the CIR 2023-2024 accreditation

A company that entrusts research or innovation operations to IRMA can benefit from a tax credit for the expenses incurred. Your partner IRMA is therefore approved by the Ministry of Research so that the tax credit can be awarded to the company making the expenditure.